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How To Create Landing Pages That Convert - 8 Tips To Get More Leads!

Are you getting traffic to your site, but aren't able to convert this traffic into leads? No matter what industry you are in, there are a few things you can do to capture more of these leads. Below are 8 simple ways to improve your landing pages and optimise them for conversions.

1. Remove External Links

Removing external links includes removing the navigation bar from your site. This essentially traps the potential lead on your page with the choice to either convert, or leave. This has been proven to significantly increase conversions. Reducing the chances of potential leads getting distracted or not finding the exact information they are looking for is extremely important when attempting to capture their information.

2. Create a Catchy Headline

Your first headline (H1) needs to be captivating, giving the reader a reason to read on. It should capture their attention and be related exactly what they are looking for. No matter what they find your landing page, whether it is through paid search, social or organic, the H1 should be related to however they find your landing page.

3. Sub-Headings Matter Too!

Your H2s should be linking to your content, particularly based around potential pain points that your product or service can solve. The H2s should be smaller than your H1s and should stand out less than your H1. Their main purpose is to introduce ideas and provide themes for the content that is to follow.

4. Your Content Solves Their Problems

The content of your landing page needs to be written from the perspective of solving a problem. It is all well and good to list features of your product or service, but it is far more effective to explain how those features will benefit the potential lead, and how it solves problems they may currently have. This creates more value in what you are selling, and thus, incentivising them to provide their information.

5. Make Them Sign Up With The Right CTA

The CTA is one of the most simple, yet complicated factors of your landing page. People have tried super long CTAs (e.g See how my product can help you get better results) and some people have tried extremely short CTAs. This will depend on who you are targeting and your product. Whichever way you want to do it, your CTA needs to provide the potential lead with value. If we look at the two examples of ‘Free Trial’ and ‘Book Consultation’, we can see Free Trial is far superior as it seems like they are trading their information for a free trial, whereas if they book a consultation they may need to pay for it, or it isn’t even a guarantee they will get a consultation. The language around this needs to be manipulated to ensure your potential lead feels they are gaining something from giving their details. A good example of this is to include the word ‘Get’, as it implies they will be receiving something for their information.

6. A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

Imagery can be a powerful way to increase the strength of your content and CTA. As mentioned above, content needs to be based around solving pain points, or providing a solution. This is essentially the ‘sell’ in being the reason why they should want to fill in their details. Imagery can be used to back up these themes, and even to provide some more context around them. One of the most underutilized uses of imagery is to point towards the CTA. Whether that is through an arrow, or physically having someone face/look towards the CTA. This draws the attention towards the CTA, making it seem far more prominent.

Video can potentially increase lead numbers, and have traditionally proven to increase lead quality. If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video can speak a whole novel. It is important to not make the video too long, aiming to be around 60 to 90 seconds.

7. Why Should They Trust You?

Social proof is one of the main selling points on your landing page. If you can show how your product or service has helped someone else, a potential lead is more likely to see how it can help them, leading to them providing their information. This social proof can be in the form of testimonials, quotes, videos and much more. Essentially using existing and past customers provides you with aspects that build trust. This trust can be a major selling point for your landing page.

8. Shorten Your Forms!

One of the easiest ways to increase lead conversions on your landing page is to reduce the number of fields on your form. By removing all unnecessary fields from your form, you increase the chances of a potential lead providing that information. For example, it may be far less daunting to provide your name and email, as opposed to name, email and phone number. This is a simple technique but can vastly improve lead numbers. Something to keep in mind is that generally the more fields you remove, the less qualified your leads may be.


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